Homestead Cold Weather Alert

This is a follow-up to my previous alert that I posted last Wednesday night identifying the start of a 10-day period of cooler weather.

I am now extending that 10-day period by 4 days to 14-days !  It now appears that the coldest air of the past 11 months is getting ready to march rapidly towards America’s Riviera, and the reinforced cold air arrives bright and early on Wednesday morning.

I’m forecasting morning wind-chills in the upper-40s (Wed.), mid-40s (Thu.), low-40s (Fri.), mid-40s (Sat.), upper-40s (Sun.), and mid-40s (Mon.). On several of those days we will be stuck in the 60s all day long !

So we’ve got a whole bunch of frigid mornings and cool days in a row coming up for you after one last mild morning and warm day (tomorrow).

Bundle Up Homestead !  You’ll be shivering !

Monday Night Countdown

Bright and early this Wednesday morning I’ll be jumping aboard the Miami-Dade Metrorail system for the first time in perhaps a decade.

Here are the TOP 5 things I’m looking forward to about that:

5.  I get the coolest non-Google Street View view of overly-congested Useless-One (South Dixie Parking Lot) – from about 25 feet up in the air.

4.  I’m on a never-ending fact-finding mission to see if any new and exciting shopping center districts are currently under construction or open for business along Useless-One. Hey – it’s how I discovered The Shops At Sunset Place (my former playground) back in 1999 !

3.  I’m yearning to know if that train is still leaving on Track 5 … for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuc … amonga. (This is an old radio reference to ‘The Jack Benny Program’ circa 1949. If you have no clue what this means then you are simply a young buck. Get it ? – Buck ? – Buck Benny ? – Oh never mind.)

2.  I enjoy visiting the only place on Earth that accepts as fare every single U.S. dollar coin ever minted since the Declaration Of Independence was ratified.

1.  I don’t have to deal with three very scary Expressways that always make me nervous and sweat – the Don Shula, the Palmetto, and the Dolphin. I’ve had many near-death experiences on all three of these highways over the past 20 years.