Blatant Promotion

TOMORROW on the big green blog I’ll have your ‘Saturday Morning Shenanigans’ in the morning (in lieu of ‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’ which has been cancelled due to the frigid cold temperatures). Then stick around for a fresh new ‘Saturday Night Retro’ straight from the heart and soul of 1989.

What do The Information Society, Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam, Milli Vanilli, Tone Loc, Was (Not Was), and SGT Chris M. Day all have in common ?  You’ll find out tomorrow night on the ‘Saturday Night Retro’ !

Friday Night Blogroll Review

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend:

Travis lists some things that we won’t do at Life Pointe Church.

Somebody toilet-papered Travis’s and Kelly’s house !

Phil – Not a fan of Bill O’Reilly, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann.

Jesse took a picture of me* MAJOR BLOGGIE AWARD WINNER *

Billy has some questions to ponder.

Mark joins me as the 2ND 42-year-old in Homestead who listens to The Call.

Ritz, Ela, and Myself are enjoying cyber fellowship, and we’re talking about The Call and Christian Music (among other things).

Luci has pics from last Saturday’s Rodeo Parade through Downtown Homestead.

The ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ returns in 2 weeks – on Friday February 13TH 2009. Until then keep on blogging away my friends.