Saturday Night Retro

Last Saturday night on the ‘Retro’ I presented to you for your review the 1996 smash “1979” from The Smashing Pumpkins. This week I take you back to 1979. It was exactly 30 years ago, and it closed out a crazy decade of decadence.

I entered 1979 as an 11½-year-old 6TH grader at Magnolia Elementary School in Lanham Maryland – located right in the middle of my neighbourhood at the time. Later in the year in September I moved on to Robert H. Goddard Junior High School several miles away. I was also a Boy Scout at the time. We had meetings weekly, and we went on hiking and camping trips monthly – mostly up to the mountains of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. They were ancient history editions of ‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’ !  😀

During my spare time (after school and on weekends) I enjoyed riding my bike up and down Red Wing Lane, Wood Thrush Drive, Nightingale Drive, Kingfisher Lane, Wren Lane, and Brae Brooke Drive. I can see recent images of all of those roads (and my old house of over 5½-years) right now online via the use of Google Street View. My old neighbourhood has aged quite a bit over the past 30 years – and so have I. Back then it was brand new (built from around 1973 to 1975). That’s how I remember it. It doesn’t look like that anymore.

On the hit music radio stations nationwide disco music was still alive and kicking – at least during the first-half of 1979. It started dying out during that Summer. Here’s one of the last big disco hits of the era. It managed to sneak up the Billboard HOT 100 to # 11 in September of 1979. It’s Bonnie Pointer making a LIVE July 1979 appearance on ‘The Midnight Special’ on a Friday night on NBC-TV. Here’s her disco smash “Heaven Must Have Sent You”. Check out the way that we used to control the dance floor back then !

The Major’s Walk-A-Thon

Time: 6:50 AM – 7:33 AM
Sky: Mostly Clear
Temperature: 59°F
Dewpoint: 56°F
Relative Humidity: 90%
Winds: Calm
Barometric Pressure: 30.10 Rising

Here are my thoughts in 15 words or less:

– It’s my first walk of 2009. May there be many more like this one.
– It was a cool and crisp morning – but not as frigid as my last walk.
– I walked for 43.2 minutes, so I walked about 2.3 miles.
– I know that because I walk a mile in roughly 18.5 minutes.
– Every duck in town was out and about searching for food.
– An adorable gray and white cat crossed my path.
– He or She knew that I was a friend of felines – not a foe.
– Some of the dumpster areas actually smelled good.
– That’s because they were a dumping ground of old Christmas trees.
– There was a devastating fire in a condo unit a few blocks away from mine.
– I don’t know when it occurred but I’d guess perhaps several weeks ago.
– The entire second floor unit is gutted and condemned.
– I don’t think that any of the three adjoining units were damaged.
– We have amazing firewall protection here in-between condo units.
– I know that first-hand due to a roof fire right next door to my unit.
– That was perhaps a dozen years ago.
– When I moved here in June 1995 I didn’t know if I would like it.
– I love this neighbourhood. I plan to stay here indefinitely.
– I love Homestead Florida more now than ever before.
– I love my Life. Thank You God for giving me a second chance at it.