Homestead Cold Weather Alert

Don’t let this week’s upcoming 80°F+ temperatures during the afternoon hours fool you. Another substantial flip-flop in the current North American continental weather pattern will occur later this week. This will begin another extended period of below normal cool days and particularly frigid nights all across America’s Rivera.

I’m currently forecasting the cold air to arrive during the day on Friday. Early-morning temperatures on Saturday could be in the low-40s here in Homestead with wind chills in the mid-30s !  The same goes for Sunday morning as well. Monday morning should not be as cold, but we may still have some leftover wind chills in the 40s. I am expecting the cold air to stick around for at least 7 days.

It should be a cool and crisp Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa as well – with game-time temperatures dropping down well into the 50s.

I’ll post another update later this week if my current forecast changes substantially. Keep those winter clothes out South Florida !

Monday Night Countdown

Vacationers and snowbirds alike spend millions of dollars each year to visit this particular region of the U.S.A. that I call home year-round. It’s America’s Riviera, and for those of us who call it home we tend to get bored and restless after awhile. Even we need to go elsewhere on vacation to get away from it all. Once we return back home again then that’s when we really appreciate what we actually have down here.

Here are my TOP 5 vacation destinations that I’d love to visit to get away from it all for just a short little while:

5.  Australia / New Zealand – This is one of the top entries on my personal ‘Bucket List’. I am very intrigued with these two secluded nations. In a previous life on the web I used to have an actual fanbase in this part of the world.

4.  United Kingdom – I lived there for two years and one week nearly a quarter of a century ago. I haven’t been back since. I promised myself that I would be back when I departed back then. I intend to keep that promise – some Summer.

3.  Madeira – This is perhaps the most exotic place that I’ve ever visited in my entire Life. I did so in early November 2007 as part of a Mediterranean / Transatlantic Carnival cruise from Rome Italy to Miami Florida. I was only on the (capital) island for a day, but I could have spent at least a week there.

2.  Bermuda – I visited there twice as a little kid back in the mid-1970s, and I haven’t been back since. A couple of nights ago I actually did research online regarding seasonal hotel rates on the island. I think I know where I wish to stay now once I decide to pull the trigger on this whole vacation thing there.

1.  Mexico – I made this my top vacation destination because this will actually occur within the next two weeks. I’ll be visiting Progreso and Cozumel on back-to-back days as back-to-back ports-of-call on my upcoming Carnival cruise. I’ve never been to Progreso. I’ve been to Cozumel more than any other port-of-call, and it’s probably my favourite of them all.