Homestead’s Coldest Day In Nearly 3 Years !

Homestead is shivering, and all across America’s Riviera South Floridians are bundled up in their coziest winter outfits that usually only see the light of the day for just a few days during each Winter season.

Today was unofficially our coldest day in nearly 3 years – since February 13TH 2006. It was also one of our coldest days of the past decade !

Get ready for actual air temperatures to plummet to within a few degrees of the freezing mark early tomorrow morning with wind chills deep into the 20s. Frost is also likely all throughout the region. (Say goodbye to your green grass.)

You want the warm air back ?  You get your wish this weekend !  An extended period of seasonal temperatures returns on Friday. It will stick around for at least a week. You’ll have plenty of time to thaw out.

In the meantime – REMEMBER THIS !