Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Let’s do this thing:

1.  I did not vote for Barack Obama; however, I sincerely wish him the best of luck in reuniting this divided country. I really hope that he does a great job as our new President Of The United States, for if he does then he may just earn my vote in 2012. I support him as my President.

2.  I think that President Obama has the support of a large majority of Americans. That’s something that George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush never really had when they each took the oath of office. The last time we were this united for a new President was exactly 28 years ago when Ronald Reagan took over a divided and disgruntled country from Jimmy Carter.

3.  Late this morning the unmistakable aroma of hot and juicy and big and rich and delicious fried chicken permeated all throughout the parking lot of Homestead‘s Waterstone Plaza in front of Publix. That parking lot smelled so outrageously delicious that I wanted to sit right there and eat some parking spaces !  Say what ? !

4.  Don’t complain to me that we don’t have a Winter season here in America’s Riviera. We had one of our chilliest Novembers in modern history, and now January’s temperatures have been noticeably below normal. We may skirt with wind chills in the upper-30s tomorrow morning, and then on Thursday morning we may have actual temperatures approaching the freezing mark with wind chills in the upper-20s !  Global warming strikes again !

5.  A couple of people asked me why I posted this picture on Saturday morning:

The Grand Slamwich - Over 1,300 Calories Of Goodness !
The Grand Slamwich - Over 1,300 Calories Of Goodness !

It’s because I actually ate that for breakfast !  And I’ll be doing it again real soon. If you don’t believe me that I can deal with that 1,300 calorie masterpiece all by myself then I invite you to watch me LIVE and in person at Denny’s in Florida City (where all of the food is).

Those are my thoughts on this Tuesday night. Thank You for your time.