Homestead Cold Weather Alert

This is a follow-up to my previous alert that I posted last Wednesday night identifying the start of a 10-day period of cooler weather.

I am now extending that 10-day period by 4 days to 14-days !  It now appears that the coldest air of the past 11 months is getting ready to march rapidly towards America’s Riviera, and the reinforced cold air arrives bright and early on Wednesday morning.

I’m forecasting morning wind-chills in the upper-40s (Wed.), mid-40s (Thu.), low-40s (Fri.), mid-40s (Sat.), upper-40s (Sun.), and mid-40s (Mon.). On several of those days we will be stuck in the 60s all day long !

So we’ve got a whole bunch of frigid mornings and cool days in a row coming up for you after one last mild morning and warm day (tomorrow).

Bundle Up Homestead !  You’ll be shivering !

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