Blatant Promotion

TONIGHT I spent a couple of fun hours with about 20 or so of my closest brothers and sisters on this fantastic journey. We hung out at the house of J.T. and Anne J., and we ate a wide variety of food, talked, laughed, hugged, solved some of the problems of the world today, and played games. It was probably the most loud and rambunctious fellowship that I’ve ever experienced, and I loved every single second of it. I can’t wait to do it again real soon.

This Saturday morning a bunch of us are heading down U.S. 1 for about 130 miles to Key West. Once we get there we’ll be participating in a very special edition of ‘The Major’s Bike-A-Thon’ all around the island. Be sure to read all about our adventures late on Saturday night once we all return back home from that.

In the meantime I’ve got an all-new ‘Bible Stories’ planned for Wednesday night as well as an intriguing ‘Thursday Night Mini Thoughts’ and the always dependable ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’. Be sure to post your finest blog entries of the week between now and then for consideration of the ‘Major Bloggie Award’.

Until we hang out again here on the big green blog take good care of yourselves – and each other.

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  1. aj
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 22:32:01

    Like old times with additional people…what fun it was! Thank you for your usual contribution–couldn’t do without it 🙂 What a game; we needed a couple more hours. I, too, look forward to our next fellowship. (BTW, you haven’t lost your touch with answering the phone/gate!)

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