The Major’s Walk-A-Thon: Special On-Location Edition – Miami Metrozoo

This morning I took my walk to Miami Metrozoo.

Here are my takeaways in 15 words or less:

– I walked about 3 miles – completely around the park – clockwise.
– I got there as soon as they opened the gates at 9:30 AM.
– There weren’t very many people there that early.
– 3½-hours later I had seen and done it all.
– By the time I had left it was getting crowded.
– That was good to see during these troubled economic times.
– The weather was ideal for a morning at the zoo – sunny, cool, and dry.
– I love to visit the zoo because as a kid I never got to go.
– Nobody would take me.
– I loved watching the Gibbons jump around and howl at the moon.
– Kangaroos have real strong hind legs but wimpy fore legs.
– The Giant Tortoises were old, and they barely moved.
– They can live for 150 to 200 years with the right conditions.
– That’s probably why the’re so slow and never in a hurry.
– I visited the new ‘Amazon And Beyond’ area which just opened.
– It was pretty cool. They did a nice job with it.
– The Jaguar(s) were hiding. I barely caught a glimpse of one.
– I sat there and watched an African Elephant eat hay for several minutes.
– That trunk only picks up the finest grass and shoves it in his mouth.
– I could watch that for an hour and be wildly entertained.
– One of the top moments of my walk – the giraffe feeding.
– This large family with kids stepped up to the elevated balcony.
– 3 hungry giraffes were willing and ready to receive their weeds.
– They were so gentle while pulling the goods out of the kids’ hands.
– I sat there and watched them eat their MASSIVE meal for 10 minutes.
– Giraffes have 7 bones in their long necks – the same as we do !
– When the Andean Condor flaps its wings hold on to your wigs !
– They’d rather be high above a mountain range rather than near sea level.
– The low altitude must be giving them a headache.
– I got within inches of a Lowland Gorilla.
– I was in a cave and he was leaning against the window (from the outside).
– He has much more hair on his back side than me.
– He eats his food just like you and me – with his hands.
– His feet looked like giant hands.
– The Chimpanzee ?  The’re 98% just like us.
– Those Gemsboks have some mighty wicked horns.
– They could stab virtually any other animal with them.
– The lion growled a few times and then took a breather.
– I enjoyed my walk through the Aviary.
– I could just sit in there watching the birds fly by for an hour.
– It’s been many years since I was last here at the zoo.
– I think I was last here about 7 years ago (maybe) in 2002.
– I need to visit more often – like every year.
– Maybe I should visit every January and make it a new tradition.
– I enjoy hangin’ out with the animals.
– I think I’ll go to Monkey Jungle within the next couple of months.
– I was last there a year ago next weekend. Read all about it.

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